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A freelance Illustrator's life is full of ups and downs, work-wise... so far 2012 has been surprisingly "up" I'm pleased to say. I have had a steady stream of work coming in, which has been incredibly varied. You just never know what you're going to get in this business, and you'd better be prepared to draw literally anything!

So far this year I have drawn several private commissions, with subjects ranging from Bodybuilders to Star Wars characters. I recently complete work on a four-page strip for Glossop Cartons (which can be seen in the Cartoons gallery) as well as two cartoons for National Express (also in the gallery). I also recently finished a CD cover for the band INSTILL, who release their first EP soon – I also drew a short comic strip for the inside cover.

I’m currently working on a new strip for Autodata, as well as a commission for an old Grand Prix Legends friend (incredible 1960’s racing simulator which I was addicted to from 1998 to 2005!).

Of course, work still continues on Project Luna: 1947 for Markosia,which is really starting to heat up now – at this moment I am exactly three-quarters done, as I put the finishing touches to pages 65 and 66. I can’t wait to finally hold this finished epic in my hands!! I can’t give away too much of the crazy action, so here is an unlettered page that I think I’m safe to post:

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