Update! 2015


I've neglected my site somewhat lately! Recently I got married, so that's my excuse (even though I haven't updated since 2013... oops). So here is some new stuff to put things right.

Below is a new album cover I just finished for the band Voodoo Vegas!  This was a fun one to do, and as with their first album, it’s great to see my artwork all over the place in their promotions.  They have even made an animated video using my artwork:  Watch it here!


I designed a couple of Pomade labels for JC Hillhouse Co – these are fun hair styling products just for kids:

Girl-pomade-front Boy-pomade-front

I did some work for the Moodhats company, designing crazy faces for their hats. They sent me some photos of the final products, which look great!


Among other stuff, I also drew two new strips for Glossop Cartons, some cartoons of a boiler (no, really), more cartoons for Global Integration, several private commissions (birthdays and weddings mostly) and a whole load of other stuff I can’t even remember.

I’ve just started work on concept designs for a new graphic novel, which I can hopefully talk about in the not too distant future!

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