Project Luna: 1947 Completed!


Sometimes it felt as though this day would never come... but I have indeed finished pencilling, inking, colouring and lettering my first graphic novel! Project Luna: 1947 is officially in the bag, and I recently received copiesof its limited edition hardback run, printed by Markosia for the recent London Super Comic Con.

I’ve been published before, but holding a copy of your very own 88-page book is something very special. It almost makes all the hard work worthwhile!! This is extra-special, as Markosia chose to print 100 hardback copies of the book, for LSCC this year. They have done an excellent job on the printing and design, and I couldn’t be happier with the end result:

Some hardback copies are still available from Markosia here. The book will be published officially in July, but I’d grab one of these special hardcovers while you can – there were only 100 made!

Martin Hayes has done an incredible job writing this 1940s UFO epic. One thing I’d lost sight of was the actual writing – I’ve been so obsessed with the visuals for so long, it was nice to sit down and read it all as an actual STORY. In my opinion Squadron Leader Brown is the star of the book, although all the characters are excellent, and the tension builds brilliantly in the first half as our heroes get ready for their mission. Martin and myself will be doing a signing for the book at Thought Bubble later this year.

As well as finishing Project Luna, I’ve been hard at work on many other art gigs since my last post… one I’m very happy with is the CD album cover for the band Voodoo Vegas, who have been getting a lot of press recently as the album has been released. It’s nice to see your art all over the place!

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